Award winning contact management - boost sales and track your customers and prospects

Award-winning Contact Manager to enable you to track your contacts, schedules and events on your network.

Contact Plus Professional

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Award-winning contact management to help you track your contacts, sales management, schedules and events. Supports multiple users and Office 2007!

Contact Plus Professional will organize your daily business activities easier than ever before and save you time doing it. And by being organized you can establish better relationships with your customers and prospects. If you're on a network, Contact Plus Professional allows you to share your data with others on your network without expensive server add-on software required.

The latest version supports Microsoft Office 2007 including Word 2007 and Outlook 2007.

Web Calendar Creator software to publish beautiful calendars on your website.

Web Cal Plus

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Web Calendar Creator software - create beautiful html calendars for publishing on your website.  Totally unhackable. Now supports embedded Google maps!

Web Cal Plus will organize and publish your daily events in a gorgeous format without needing to know HTML code. Includes Jewish Calendars, Lunar schedules, sunset and sunrise times and much more. Perfect for organizations such as schools, scouts, churches, synagogues to publish a beautiful looking calendar on the web.

The latest version supports embedded Google maps within each event.  Each event can now include a satellite map of the event withing the description of the event on the calendar.

Home Inventory software for your personal

My Stuff Deluxe

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Home Inventory Software - keep track of your home inventory with unlimited pictures per item, history of documents, repairs, descriptions, appraisals and more. Very popular home inventory manager. Now includes an optional Report Designer module - enabling you to create your own customized inventory reports.

With this home inventory program you can track all of your household items. Keep track of the location of the item, owner, heir, insurance, description, depreciation schedules and more. This version allows you to track up to 120 gigabytes of information and you can easily track multiple homes or properties. Each home can have up to 120 GB of information stored. Download the free trial version to see for yourself how easy it is to keep track of your personal home inventory.

Stop Spam Fast! Stop it at the source - before it reaches your computer!

Spam Buster was featured in Time Magazine's Don't Swallow the Spam stating Spam Buster is "... a leading software tool...[that] tap[s] quietly into your e-mail server every few minutes to check new messages" and they were "impressed by the range of [its] databases [of known spammers]."



Want to get rid of the spam in your email box???
Spam Buster our email filtering tool was featured in PC Magazine's Client Side Anti Spam Tools saying Spam Buster "is faster than [the competitors]" because it "only downloads the headers of the email not the entire message."


Intuitive Spam Stopper!

Spam Buster was also featured in Laptop Magazine's Email Filtering Software saying Spam Buster "is an intutive can add parameters for checking every part of a message's text, which enables you to filter any new form of spam..and the price is right too; free with ads and $ 19.99 without."


More Space Sanitizer builds on the strength and ability of More Space by adding "sanitizing " capabilities.  The problem is when you delete a file it's really not gone.  It's only been marked as deleted and the space used by the file may be used by another file.  However, with the right tools it's easy to recover deleted files even if the disk space has been used by another file.  If you need extra security from unauthorized snooping then you need to sanitize or shred your files before they get deleted.

Award Winning! Task Plus is selected as the best business software for keeping your daily calendar organized! There's a free sample of Task Plus and the registered version is only $19.95 Plus there's a network version Task Plus Professional!!

Throw away all the contact managers, to do lists, calendars, and organizers you've used in the past. Recently Small Business Computing said Professional " a complex program with depth and power...packed in an intuitive interface that makes finding things far easier." The "big brother" to Contact Plus Personal, Contact Plus Professional is most full featured customer relationship management (CRM) product you'll ever need! There's a free sample that is fully functional. The full version is available right here for purchase from the online mall!

CNET headlined Spam Buster on Take Back the Net. Spam Buster, is the most popular email filtering tool available! And best of all, it's FREE! Read more to keep unwanted spam out of your email box!


Now Hear This!

NEW! Contact Plus Professional can now dial globally using Skype. It also now interfaces with the Outlook contacts and calendar appointments. This means that you can sync your Pocket PC, Palm Pilot or Blackberry with Contact Plus Professional. Take your contacts and calendar on the road with you! A demo is now available along with some video tutorials.

My Stuff Deluxe Home Inventory Software, our newest product is now available! The My Stuff Deluxe system takes managing your home inventory to another level. Use it to track your maintenance and repair records. Do you want to keep track of your receipts including scanned in images? You can do this with our new product now very affordably priced.

Do Not Call Software Scrubber, our newest Contact Plus Professional plugin, is now available! The Do Not Call Software Scrubber will take the list of phone numbers on the FTC do not call list and mark them in your Contact Plus Professional database. According to the FTC there is an $11,000 fine for calling a prospect or customer you haven't done business in 18 months with on the DNC list. If you're in the telemarketing business you need to be aware of the new rules.

Web Cal Plus is a web calendar software program for publishing your organization's events automatically in HTML format. Perfect for publishing those all important events on your web site or company intranet! Web Cal Plus now includes a conversion from Web Calendar Creator 2002.

Task Plus Professional is the premiere network calendar management program for sharing calendar appointments, to-do's and more with everyone in your office.

We've recently added a new freeware dual-timer product. Keep track of elapsed times using this free product called appropriately Dual Timer.

LifeWave - Energy,  stamina and power patches  



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