Contact Plus Personal

Review by Preston Gralla,
Executive Editor of software for ZDNet
This review originally appeared in ZD Net's Computer Shopper magazine

If your success depends to any degree on your ability to make and maintain contacts with customers, you've got your hands full. Trying to remember when you last called a particular client, what his or her interests are, what he or she has bought from you, and what price you quoted during your last conversation is enough to make one's head spin.

For business professionals who need to keep track of such variables, Contact Plus Personal can do the job with aplomb. It's a salesperson's dream. Naturally, the program offers basic contact-management features for tracking names, addresses, and phone numbers, and a handy way to search this information. But it also offers an unusual amount of depth and capability to serve more demanding needs. For example, you can store up to eight phone numbers (home, work, car phone, and so on) for any contact, in addition to two fax numbers and up to three e-mail addresses.

However, it's Contact Plus Personal's ability to track sales calls and histories that really makes this program shine. Based on your past contacts with John Doe, you can categorize him as a hot, average, or cold prospect. You can track what you've sold him, including the prices he's paid and the number of units he's ordered in the past. You can even record the average sale per contact, as well as your total sales for the year-to-date.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the program is the summary screen it provides for each contact. Collected in a single screen, you'll find all relevant sales information, including the last time you tried to call someone, the last time you got through, the last face-to-face meeting you had, and even the date of the last letter you sent. This all-encompassing view of your interaction with contacts makes it easy to determine the best time and way to approach them next.

If you make your living by collecting and cultivating contacts and making sales, treat yourself to a copy.

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