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www.smalloffice.com Small Business Computing magazine's Buyers Guide said Contact Plus Professional "...is a complex program with depth and power...packed in an intuitive interface that makes finding things far easier."

When reviewing EMMA, our Electronic Mailing and Marketing Assistant, Small Business Computing found that our, "..wizards make it easier to supply the details, assign the actions, and determine timing."

Do you pay attention to pricing? We do and Small Business Computing noticed! "...Contact Plus' prices and pricing policy are more reasonable." Also saying, "Contact Plus is a good product for those in a workgroup environment, specifically a sales department."

Contact Plus Personal is the Winner of the 2000 SIA People's Choice Award for Best Business Software! Voted on by the public on software sites such as TUCOWS, ZDNET, and CNET, Contact Plus Personal is recognized as the best business software!

ZDNet gives Contact Plus Personal5 Stars, calling it "a versatile PIM that lets you keep track of virtually any contact you have with your customers, prospects, and associates... It also lets you quickly update records in one step... send personalized email to unlimited contacts, and generate dozens of reports for one or all databases... Other nice features include a word processor with spell checking, built-in auto-dialing, launchable URLs, a to-do list, label and envelope printing, and drag-and-drop appointments and events."

Contact Plus Personal is featured in the  Galt Shareware Newsletter Galt Technology calls Contact Plus Personal an "Excellent personal information manager with plenty of new functions to keep you up to date with all your contacts...Strongly recommended!"

SharePaper says Contact Plus Personal "has more features than all other such programs I've looked at... If you're a sales person, or anyone else who needs to keep track of people, I'm sure you'll find Contact Plus handy."

PC Computing lists Contact Plus Personal in their 1,001 Top Free Downloads

"For the business professional who needs to keep track of such variables, Contact Plus can do the job with aplomb... it's a salesperson's dream... offers basic contact management features and an unusual amount of depth and capability to serve more demanding needs.

If you make your living by collecting and cultivating contacts and making sales, treat yourself to a copy." - Preston Gralla, Computer Shopper

More Space was named to Windows Magazine WinList 100 saying "Drive cleanup products... root out unnecessary files and folders to free up space. Such programs require safety, thoroughness, and simplicity. It should not blow away essential files. It should investigate many ways to save space. Plus, it should be simple. More Space meets these requirements and more." (italics ours)

ZDNet gives More Space5 starsin this review that says "More Space is extremely well-done software that includes excellent help, an attractive interface, and an intuitive design."

File Mine reviews More Space as a "featured Jewel" and a "great find",saying "MoreSpace will help you locate files and folders that take up space, and gives you options for handling those files...if you're looking to turn your computer into a lean, mean, byting machine, More Space can help you find those fatty files that are clogging your system."

A previous FileMine review compared More Space to Norton Utilities Space Wizard: "More Space was easier to use, offered more information about the contents of my drive, and gave me better overall disk savings (50 MB vs. 20 MB)."  

C|NET says" More Space  is "right on target...offers operations its rival does not" and "...obviously designed to take advantage of some of the [Windows 95] operating system features."  

Shareware Junkies says "More Space is a piece of software I'd definitely call a keeper" and [when changing computers] "More Space was always one of the first pieces of software I installed...because of its ability to get rid of unwanted files and free up disk space."

Read the complete review from Shareware Junkies' web site.

New Ways to Stop Spam- ZDNet's Editorial Director Jesse Berst writes an excellent article about Spam email that mentions Spam Buster.

PC World's Say No to Spam, an excellent article comparing a variety of spam-fighting products including Spam Buster. They said "Spam Buster resolutely stonewalled all our test e-mails. It can scan your e-mail messages before you open your mail program, or you can opt to launch your mail directly from Spam Buster after it cleans out the unwanted messages."

Task Plus Finalist in ZDNet Shareware Awards - ZDTV nominated Task Plus in the Personal Productivity category of the seventh annual ZDNet Shareware Awards.

Quality Shareware writes that Task Plus' "interface is absolutely superb ... is one GREAT piece of software, that does everything that I want it to ... the truth is that this software is actually better than some of the commercial applications that Iíve seen. And most impressive of all is that this is real 'quality-freeware'! There are no nags ... no limitations, nothing. If youíre wanting to keep your life a little more in order, can there possibly be a better program out there? In my opinion no. Highly recommended."

Shareware Junkies' Malcolm Bain writes that Task Plus "has an excellent design face, is easy to use, takes up little space on your hard drive and is perfect for the person who just wants a personal PIM... I have tried many such calendar and reminder programmes and this one with its simplicity of use and small footprint on my hard drive is exactly what I have been looking for - and FREE as well."

NoNags' Rebecca Puig calls Task Plus a "...fantastic little organizer makes keeping track of your busy schedule simple...For those of us who maintain both professional and personal calendars, this application is fantastic! It will keep track of an unlimited number of personal tasks on the calendar as well as holidays and repeating events such as birthdays... Ideal for those of us who consult and need to keep track of our activities or for the busy salesman who keeps track of his contacts... very easy to use... easy to install... There are a lot of bells and whistles on this little program and if you haven't tried it, it's a must. Get it now!"

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