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French Horn Pro  is now available in the Apple iTunes Store.

Our special iPad version has been released!

Revolutionize the way you practice your French Horn with a new product by Contact Plus Corporation entitled French Horn Pro. French Horn Pro enables you to practice your fingerings and improve your accuracy all on your Iphone or Ipod touch while on the go. All you need is an Iphone or Ipod Touch version 3.0 or higher.

FREE LITE version enabling you to test it out is now available.  The lite version only has 5 songs whereas the full version has over 400.

What about double horns?  We talk about that on the following video.


If you're a trumpet player check out our companion product - Trumpet Pro.

French horn splash screen

French Horn Pro was designed to help all levels of french horn players master the craft of playing the french horn. French Horn Pro enables french horn players to master scales, intervals, chromatic exercises and difficult music passages such as Flight of the Bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. French Horn Pro is a fingering practice app therefore you have no need to tilt or blow into the iPhone to make sounds.

French Horn main screen

A music staff with 8 measures is displayed above three valve lever buttons. The music plays through the iPhone or iPod Touch speaker while the note is highlighted. As the notes are played, the correct fingering is also highlighted on the valve lever similar to a player-piano. You will see immediate feedback on the screen if the incorrect valve combination is pressed. Points are awarded for accuracy when the correct valve combinations are pressed. The tempo can be adjusted on the fly - slow for beginners and fast for advanced players.

You can modify all of the notes and exercises, change the song title, key signature and chord notations over each measure. The songs can be shared via email and the web. For example, a french horn teacher can design his own music exercises and post them on his blog or email them to his students. The students in turn can respond via email with their score and total time spent on the exercise. The ability to customize the alternate fingerings is available which is a very important aspect for advanced players.

Feature List:

  • Alternate Fingerings (program your own alternates for the double horn)
  • Available in English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Write your own exercises (8 bars of 4 quarter notes/rests)
  • Share your exercises via email with your students or teachers
  • Cumulative scores for each song/exercise
  • Favorite list of songs for focused practice
  • Notes are played in the key of F so you'll hear the proper sound for the note being played.
  • Transpose up or down a half/step while practicing - great for learning and practicing in different keys - swipe your finger from top to bottom to go down 1/2 step, bottom to top to go up 1/2 step
  • Slow tempo down to 20 beats per minute for beginners - swipe your finger from right to left  across the screen
  • High speed of 999 beats per minute for experts swipe from left to right on the screen
  • Compare your high scores to others in your town, state, country

French Horn Pro is a one of a kind practice tool designed to help french horn players master the instrument through repetition of finger exercises and ear training. You'll actually hear the exercises while pressing down the valves and receive instant feedback on your accuracy and errors.

Any questions?   Contact us at the following email address:


French Horn Pro was patterned after the Trumpet Pro product. The differences are the fingerings, the position of the valve levers and the sounds for the key of F. The following short youtube video tutorials are about Trumpet Pro but will give you an idea of how French Horn Pro works.





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