Event Plus is an plug-in module for Contact Plus Personal and Contact Plus Professional contact management software. With Event Plus you can have your daily schedule print out automatically when you turn the computer on.

Event Plus can print out all the things you need to get done today, tomorrow, next week, or for the next two weeks. You decide how many days you want to see and Event Plus does the rest. Set it up once and don't think about it again. Set up is easy. Choose scheduled events from one database, a combination of databases, or all databases.

With Event Plus in your Startup group you can even turn your computer and printer on, by the time you return with your morning cup of coffee your daily to-do list is done. See how much time you can save by sticking to a list!

Event Plus can be purchased and downloaded immediately from the Online Mall.

Download Event Plus demo for Contact Plus Personal

Download Event Plus demo for Contact Plus Professional

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