Fax Plus is a plug-in module for Contact Plus Personal or Contact Plus Professional contact management software. Fax Plus is designed to work in conjunction with WinFax fax software. With WinFax and Fax Plus you can send personalized faxes automatically using your Contact Plus database.

Fax Plus will send the contact information (name, fax number) to the selected cover page, personalized for each person in the list at the time you want to send it. Send a fax to virtually any group of contacts by using a filter. Even send one fax to one group and another to a second group - both when you're not at the computer! Design cover pages any way you like, including your company logo using WinFax.

The best part about using Fax Plus is the fax day and time is stored right along with the other contact history. No more looking for when you sent that last fax. With Fax Plus just think of how easy it would be to send out your latest price list or product information.

Fax Plus can be purchased and downloaded immediately from the Online Mall.

Fax Plus is designed exclusively for WinFax Pro v. 7.0 and later

The demo version of Fax Plus allows you to see the process of creating faxes but does not complete the fax process.

  • Download Fax Plus demo for Contact Plus Personal
  • Download Fax Plus demo for Contact Plus Professional

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