Do Not Call Software Scrubber for Contact Plus Professional

The Do Not Call Software Scrubber will import the listing of phone numbers on the DO NOT CALL list as provided at website and will mark each phone number in the Contact Plus Professional databases with a DNC designation. The Do Not Call scrubber works by taking as input the list of phone numbers provided from DoNotCall.Gov and comparing each phone number with the phone numbers in the Contact Plus Professional database. It does this on ALL DATABASES in CPPRO on ALL 8 phone numbers within CPPRO.

What if you have an existing relationship with your customer?
According to the FTC website - For a consumer whose number is on the registry: A company with which a consumer has an established business relationship may call for up to 18 months after the consumerís last purchase or last delivery, or last payment, unless the consumer asks the company not to call again. In that case, the company must honor the request not to call. If the company calls again, it may be subject to a fine of up to $11,000.

Telemarketing info from the Do Not Call government website:

There are 2 options within the scrubber program:

1) Prepend a "DNC" to the front of the phone number so it's visually obvious to *not call* the number. I.e. the phone number 919-323-4433 becomes DNC919-323-4433


2) Delete the phone number in Contact Plus Professional

A list of all the names and addresses of the contact records on the DNC is then produced on a report.

The Do Not Call Scrubber for Contact Plus Professional can be ordered here.