ACT! Alternative - Convert to Contact Plus Professional


We've received many requests from ACT users for a better alternative.  The last 4 versions of ACT have been very disappointing.  Just check out the negative user reviews of ACT! on Amazon to see how disappointing ACT! software actually is:


ACT! 2005 user reviews on Amazon

ACT! 2006 user reviews

ACT! By Sage 2007 bad ACT user reviews

ACT! 2008 - yet more negative reviews

Now that you've got Contact Plus Professional, it's time to convert all that old ACT data! Converting is made simple with our ACT Convert utility. Three easy steps and data, history, and events for every contact are completely converted from ACT to Contact Plus Professional. ACT! Convert will only work with Contact Plus Professional.

The ACT Convert program automatically detects which version of ACT you have and does a direct convert from it. It's simple, all you have to do is create a new database in Contact Plus, open ACT, run the ACT Convert process - and presto you now have your ACT contacts, activities, history and notes in Contact Plus Professional. Converting couldn't be made easier; ACT Convert is a simple as 1-2-3!

The ACT Conversion program works with the evaluation version of Contact Plus Professional so you can make up your mind about Contact Plus Professional before actually purchasing the software. 


Important note for ACT 2005  - ACT 2008 (7.0 - 10.0) users:

Note that this free utility does NOT convert ACT! 2005 - 2008 databases at this time.  In order to convert ACT! 2005 - 2008 contact information you will need to export your contacts using the File Menu, Export Menu built into ACT!. You'll need to export all contacts in text delimited format which can then be imported into Contact Plus Professional. This will import contacts but not notes or history records.

Alternatively, there is a method of converting (2005 - 2008) backwards to ACT 6.0 using a utility from a different company. This will enable you to export your contacts, notes, appointments into CPPRO through ACT 6.0. If you don't have ACT 6.0 installed that's OK as we can do the conversion from ACT 6.0 for you free of charge and send you the resulting CPPRO data files.

Click here to go to an external site for more information on converting backwards.

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