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Smart Merge for Contact Plus Professional
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Ever wish you could move your Contact Plus Professional data between your laptop and your desktop computer easier? How about being able to share your Contact Plus data with your assistant without duplicating records?

Smart Merge Pro is the data synchronization tool that will "merge" all of the changes you've made to your data along with the office changes - even when you're away from the office! Smart Merge Pro is so smart it won't even duplicate records!

Here's how it works:

First, start with the exact same version of Contact Plus Professional on both the Office and the Field computer(s). Then start with the exact same database - both in the Office and in the Field. (Be sure the database is flagged as a Smart Merge Pro database.) Make changes as needed to both the Office and Field copies of the database. Then the Field "transfers out" the changes to a compressed zip file using Smart Merge Pro. This file is sent as an attachment to an email or is sent on floppy diskette to the Office.

Second, the Office receives the file(s) from the Field computer(s) and then performs the Smart Merge Pro. All of the changes from the Field computer(s) are merged into the Office database. Changes include letters, notes, to-do items, phone calls, etc. Records added in the Field are added to the Office database. If both the Office and the Field make changes to the exact same contact record and the exact same user field, for example, Address 1, then the newest change is the one recorded.

The Office can choose to not allow any deletions of records, to allow only deletions based upon the Who field on the contact record, or to allow any records to be deleted. For example, the Office may elect user JLK to have the ability to delete HIS records only - not any records belonging to another user. If the Office does not allow any Field computers to delete records then any records that may have been deleted by the Field computers will be added back in as the Smart Merge Pro process is completed. The Office can choose to create a text file of the changes which were performed.

Finally, the Office transfers back the information to the Field computer(s). Then the Field computer(s) perform the Smart Merge Pro so that all the Office changes as well as any other Field computer(s) changes are automatically merged. This time the Field computer acts as the Office and performs the Smart Merge Pro.

Smart Merge Pro FAQ
  1. What is the cost for Smart Merge Pro?

    Smart Merge Pro is $ 199 per User ID to be included in the merge process.

  2. How many different Field computers can be used in Smart Merge Pro?

    The maximum number of Field computers which can be included in Smart Merge Pro is limited to the number of Smart Merge Pro licenses purchased. For example, a customer with a 5 user license for Contact Plus has one user in the field, so he purchased a 1 user license for Smart Merge Pro. He can run Smart Merge Pro on his in-house server machine and ONE field computer.

  3. How often should Smart Merge Pro be done?

    This is dependent upon how important it is to merge the data depending upon how often changes are made to the data. Some users will find once a week is adequate - others may find the need to run Smart Merge Pro for Windows daily. By default, 30 days of data is sent with each transfer, so we recommend running Smart Merge Pro at least once a month.

  4. How long will the merge process take?

    This is dependent upon the amount of data being merged. Generally the merge process only takes a few minutes. However if thousands of changes in both the Office and the Field are recorded, then the merge process will take longer.

  5. Can I use Smart Merge Pro with Contact Plus Personal?

    Inherent in the Smart Merge Pro is the ability to tell who made what change to what record. Contact Plus Personal does not use User ID's and therefore cannot be used with Smart Merge Pro. Only Contact Plus Professional and Contact Plus Professional have this feature.

  6. Can I use Smart Merge Pro with other databases?

    Only Contact Plus Professional databases can be used with Smart Merge Pro. However - you can always import other database files into a Contact Plus database. Supported database files include Dbase, ASCII comma delimited, or Paradox files. Most database programs will export files in one of these common file formats.

  7. I don't share data with anyone but I want to keep my database on my laptop and desktop computer. Will Smart Merge Pro help me?

    Yes. By using Contact Plus and Smart Merge Pro you can take your changes from one computer to another quickly and easily. Best of all, you'll never lose information in the process.

System Requirements:

  • Contact Plus Professional
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • Pentium class CPU
  • Professional Mb RAM
  • Program files require 1 Mb Available hard drive space
  • Smart Merge Pro Data file sizes vary depending upon the amount of records changed between Smart Merge Pro sessions. In most cases the data files will be less than 1 Mb.





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