Big Free Clock for Windows


This useful utility will simply display the current time FULL SCREEN on your desktop.

  • Totally free meaning you can use it anywhere without paying
  • Use 12 hour or 24 hour time displays
  • The clock can be minimized while keeping the clock going
  • Supports multiple monitors!
  • The digit sizes are auto adjusted to maximally fit the screen
  • A desktop shortcut can be created to start the clock
  • The digits and message colors can be changed
  • The background images can change to a new picture on a regular basis
  • FULL SCREEN size for large easy to read digits  

This software is great for churches or places needing to display the current time in full screen mode.  Can be used in conjunction with the countdown clocks we also offer.

Works great in Windows Vista, XP as well as 95/98/ME/2K.

  • Download Big Free Clock v. 2.0, 2,100 KB  (freeware) 
  • Download Alternate Download site  
  • Click here to download the Small Free Clock
  • Click here if you need to countdown 100 dates with alarms rather than hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Click here for a countdown timer to interface with Powerpoint
  • Click here if you need to countdown a sequence of events one after another
  • Click here if you need an auction countdown clock suitable for Ebay bidding






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