Time, Money and Activities

Ratedby ZDNet! Time, Money & Activities gives you some interesting statistics on buying habits as well as time management habits over your lifetime. If you've ever wondered how much money you could save by kicking the smoking habit or how much time you spend watching TV compared to the amount of time you devote to your kids, then this program is for you.

Time, Money and Activities discovers much about you through your date of birth and an estimate of your lifetime income. It can calculate the percentage of your life or earnings devoted to activities or stuff you've purchased. Use Time, Money and Activities to reach your goals!

Time, Money and Activities is freeware.  There is no advertising or nags and Time, Money and Activities does not expire.

Track activities such as :

  • Time spent watching TV
  • Amount of money donated to a church
  • Time spent sleeping
  • Time spent on the computer
  • Money spent on beer

This screen is an example of all of the time activites spent on a daily, weekly or monthly  basis.  You put in the start time and possibly an end time and it will track the total numbers spent (approximately) on that time management habit.








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