Label Plus is a plug-in module for Contact Plus Personal or Contact Plus Professional contact management software. With Label Plus you can set up your own label definitions for custom label sizes.

If you have shipping labels in a non-standard size with Label Plus you can create the label definition you need to use. Any label designed will be maintained indefinitely.

Label Plus is ideal for the international user to set up country-specific label sizes. Label Plus will set the margin, label sizes, and distance between labels.

Create new labels or modify the label definitions already included with Contact Plus. For each label you just specify the top and side margins, number across and number down. Then using a filter in Contact Plus, select the contacts for which you want to print and using the label definition you've created just print!

Label Plus can be purchased and downloaded immediately from the Online Mall

The demo version of Label Plus allows you to see the steps involved in designing a new label, but will not allow you to actually save your new label.

  • Download Label Plus for Contact Plus Personal
  • Download Label Plus for Contact Plus Professional

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