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NEWS! The latest version is 3.1. The old version 2.x is obsolete. This version includes :

  • Updated US map with updated area code maps
  • Improved import
  • Import from Outlook
  • Send mail using Outlook without security warnings
  • Comboboxes for data entry on the main screen
  • Contact Plus Personal
    Two years in a row!! Winner of the 2000 and 2001 SIAF People's Choice Award for Best Business Software! Read more about it!
    Contact Plus Personal Overview
    On-line overview of Contact Plus Personal with with great screen shots and lots of helpful end-user information about what Personal can do for you!
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Read the FAQs for in depth information on Contact Plus Personal new features and information.
    Contact Plus Personal Plug-Ins
    A variety of plug - in modules enchance the features of Contact Plus. Here you can read about each plug-in and download a sample version.
    Differences between Contact Plus Personal and Contact Plus Professional
    Read about the differences between Contact Plus Personal and Professional





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