Contact Plus Personal:
An Introduction

With Contact Plus Personal you'll be able to keep track of virtually any contact you have with your customers, prospects, and colleagues. Now you can maintain integration with critical contact and calendar information.

Keep track of customers in one database and prospects in another. Record notes, send letters, send e-mail, schedule and track events. Go back to letters you've sent last week, last month, or last year. Create reports or charts of contacts you want.

Contact Plus Personal main screen
Contact Plus Personal main screen

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Enter data quickly with the zipcode database
Popup zipcode database for quick and accurate data entry

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To make data entry easy, a U.S. zip code database of 42,000+ cities is included in Contact Plus Personal. The database is easily modified so you can add or delete items from it.

The cities database pops up whenever you double-click the city, state or zipcode field on the main screen.

Quick Pick allows you to store a list of items that can be automatically placed into a field. This makes data entry quick and much easier. Each field has its own Quick Pick list.

This example shows a typical Quick Pick from the Title field. New items can be easily added to the Quick Pick or old ones deleted.

Quick Pick popups for custom, consistent data entry
Double-click a field to use the Quick Pick

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