Contact Plus Personal:
Events, Notes and Calendars

Browse and edit events
Record meetings and other events easily

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In Contact Plus Personal you can schedule four different types of events for contacts. Events are reminders of things which you need to complete in the future, or tasks accomplished in the past. You can set alarms with different lead times to notify you of upcoming events.

Detailed information about meetings, calls, letters, to-dos, and notes are instantly available. Browse and edit them easily in a variety of screens, like this scheduled meeting displayed at the left.

Need a quick look at your daily calendar? Contact Plus Personal displays color-coded events in easy-to-use formats, viewable by day, week, month or multiple months. Calendar views are easily printed for a handy paper reference.

With the convenient drag & drop feature, you can easily reschedule events by dragging them to a different date or time.

Day view calendar
View events in easy-to-use calendars

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View events screen
The main view events screen

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The view events screen is the most powerful way to view all your events, past or future, done or not done. It quickly lets you select events based on event type, date or status, with an easy-to-use interface.

Using the tabs across the top of the screen you can select which event type you wish to view, and a popup menu from the right mouse button offers more options. At the bottom of the screen, you can select from done or not done events, choose a user ID, date range, or activate a filter.

To record lengthy information about your contacts, use the Note option. You may have as many notes as you need. Notes are automatically day and time stamped when adding. Individual notes can be up to about 32k in length. Notes are a handy way to record historical information concerning things such as the content of phone conversations. Quick Pick is available for adding notes which are commonly added. You can spell check your notes by clicking the right mouse button.

Notes can be up to 32k
Lengthy notes can be added

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Browsing the notes lets you read portions
The browse notes screen is searchable

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There are many ways to search the contents of notes. One is to click the Browse button on the notes screen to see all the notes on a record at once. This screen is searchable, so you can type text you wish to find and Contact Plus Personal will find it for you.





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