Contact Plus Personal:

A variety of useful reports are available for you to view. Reports can be view on the screen or sent to the printer. Reports can be created for groups of contacts using filters or for the entire database. Custom layouts can be created using the add-on module Report Plus.

In addition, you can also create reports for all databases together using the "composite report" option. Note that creating a composite report using data from all databases can be time consuming to create depending upon the report being used and the amount of data in the databases.

Many types of reports are included
Flexible and powerful reports are available

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Preview your report before printing it
Example report preview

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Once a report has been generated, you can preview it on the screen. What you see on the print preview is exactly what will print on paper.

The preview screen gives you several options, like zoom, next page, previous page, or print.

A quick profile of one contact can be printed by clicking on the Print button of the Main Screen. You can select which details of the particular contact are to be printed.

The print profile screen
Easily print information about your contacts

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Example profile report
The profile report preview screen

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The preview of the profile report shows the data in a slightly different format than the standard reports. Note that it only prints the information selected with the checkboxes, so it can be customized to a greater degree.

A graphical presentation of event, dates, and categories is displayed with charts. The Date Chart displays contact date fields over time. The Category Chart displays total contacts in any given category.

Flexible chart abilities
Chart date data about your contacts

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Detailed event status charts
Bar charts for event data are useful

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With the Event Chart you can select the status of the events you wish to view along with the type of event and date range of events. The events are displayed in a vertical bar graph, with the total amount of events for the time period display beneath the bar.





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