Contact Plus Personal:

Writing correspondence in Contact Plus Personal couldn't be easier. Custom templates can be used for sending letters, contracts, faxes, or whatever you may be sending to your contacts. Print directly to your own printer or Winfax, ready to send to your clients.

Quickletters can be reused on many contacts
The list of Quickletter templates

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Form letters in MS Word are easy to use
Example of a form letter in Microsoft Word

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All the features of word processors like Microsoft Word and Corel Wordperfect are available to you when creating individual Quickletters or Mail Merges. Font changes, graphics, tables, all these are are supported because Contact Plus Personal uses the native file formats of these popular applications.

Personalized envelopes can be created for contacts one at a time using the envelope option. Envelopes can have a return address printed as well. Common sizes like #10 are supported, as well as different printer configurations and font styles.

Quickly print to an envelope
Print a contact's address right to an envelope

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Select any of these commonly used label sizes
More label sizes can be added with Label Plus

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Several different styles of labels both tractor and laser are available for you to print. You may print labels for the entire database, a range of contacts based on a filter or you may print a page of labels for the same contact.

Contact Plus Personal supports the most commonly used sizes of mailing labels, but if you need to create custom mailing label sizes you can get our add-on, Label Plus.

Much in the same way that you can send form letters with a word processor, you can send email. They can contain the same {{mergecodes}} you use in your letters. You can send an email to one contact or to a filtered group of contacts in a bulk email.

Contact Plus Personal sends the messages through your favorite MAPI compliant email program (including Eudora Pro, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express).

Send emails to your contacts using MAPI
The send email screen

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