Contact Plus Personal:

Once you have a number of records in the database you may want to work with only a subset of those records, like for a mail merge, report or global update. The tool to do this is called filters. Criteria for filters can be based on contact fields like Company, City, or Last Name.

You can create an unlimited number of filters which are available to all databases. Each filter is unique from all of the other filters. Filters created can be edited at any time.

Select any reusable filter
Reuse the any filter or create new ones

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This simple example filters on the Honor field
A simple filter example

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Criteria includes "like" conditions among records, such as "all records in category H." Filters can be very simple or complex by using a combination of statements.

Once a filter has been activated, only those records that match the criteria of the filter will be visible.

A more complex filter could use a combination of criteria. If you use the And/Or feature, you may wish to use the parentheses ( ) feature to utilize logic in your filter.

Filters are used in conjunction with many features in Contact Plus Personal besides mail merge. Because of this, it is recommended that at least a working knowledge of their use is important.

Powerful, reusable filters
Customized filters to select records

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