Contact Plus Personal:

To set up a database involves setting up options for yourself as an individual user as well as options which affect all users, called global settings. These options can only be set up by the Supervisor.

Easy to configure
Users have wide range of options

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User field setup
Ten user fields can be named as you wish

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The user fields record specific information about your contacts. Each database may have distinct user fields separate and different from the other databases. To change user fields yo must have Supervisor status.

Similarly, there are ten date fields for date information, five numeric fields and five money fields for monetary values. User fields can have different names in different databases.

There are three user tabs that can display up to 10 different fields (user, numeric, money or date) per tab. Any combination of fields can be assigned to each user tab; however, each field can be assigned to only one tab. There are 30 available slots. The user fields assigned to the user tabs are the same for all users for each database. Each database can have different combinations. Drag & drop is used to position the field names on this screen.

Arrange the user fields in any order
Three tabs are available to arrange your user fields

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