Contact Plus Personal:
Reference and the Internet

You're calling a contact and you want a quick reference of how close he is to the your Aunt Julie in Maryd. You bring up the US Map in Contact Plus Personal. Instantly you not only see where the contact is, you know how many miles he is away from you, his time zone and a map of area codes in his state.

Map of the USA
See where your contacts are on this quick map

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Look up city codes and time zones all over the world
Area code and time zone lookup

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Need the city code of Munich? What time it is in New Guinea? The handy Timezones and Dialing Codes screen lets you look up any major city in the world, and calculate their local time based on your local time.

Easy to find in the Query menu, this handy reference tool displays everything from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

It's the day before your flight, so you go to the Access Favorite Web Sites in Contact Plus Personal. You select one of the map sites from the defaults (or one you added yourself) and the contact's address is sent over the internet, to one of the map sites like displayed to the right.

Other uses are available for the Access Favorite Web Sites, like retreiving a stock quotation based on a company name search, or displaying the weather in your contact's location.
Get a map to your current contact on the internet

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