Contact Plus Personal Testimonials
As a startup maintenance process consulting business back in early 2002, I was interested in finding an affordable, yet functional way to track my activities with clients and leads. Upon doing a bit of research, I came upon ContactPlus Personal. I liked what I saw, so I purchased the software. I don't know how I would have ever been able to keep up with meetings, phone calls, emails and letters without ContactPlus! It has enabled me to manage my time in a way that meets the needs of my clients while allowing me to block out sufficient time for business development. I highly endorse ContactPlus Personal as an affordable, flexible, and easy-to-use tool for tracking contact activities. Douglas C. Marks Palmetto Maintenance & Asset Management, LLC

Since 1994 , I use Contact Plus for my daily works, as a project manager in construction and consulting. I update with new versions. Basically, Contact Plus save me one or two hours per day, because I keep all letters, memos and I can retrieve them in a second. The forms are extremely useful and timesaving. Never a bug, backup easy, safe, strong.... my companion since now 10 yearsS.Fellay, Switzerland

I have been using Contact Plus Personal for over 4 years as a database to store both names and address but mainly for storing data on remote environmental data sites I maintain. These sites capture and download data such as water levels & rainfall. Contact Plus allows me to keep an up to date record of these visits. The ability to configure the database's to suit, is a big plus. B Parsons Hydrographer

I couldnt run my business without it ! I've been using Contact Plus for 6 or 7 years now and I've become some dependent on it, it's a very professional way to keep records of all my clients, customers, friends and contacts. A+ and a big thumbs up for Contact Plus. Bob Weisbrodt Homestead Properties, Inc. Beulah, MI






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