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Home Inventory Software Change Log



This page lists recent changes made to Home Inventory Software

4.1 - the Mass/Copy and delete function respects filters that are set.  The lookup screen has dropdown boxes when in editing mode to make it easier to edit your existing items in a grid format.

Version 4.0 includes a cool optional Report Designer for those of you who wish to customize their reports.

Version 3.3.9 supports Vista.

My Stuff Deluxe 3.3.8 includes:

  • New MASS COPY/DELETE to copy a bunch of items or your entire household database to a different household database.
  • New CALCULATOR function on the amount field
  • New Windows XP look and feel

My Stuff Deluxe 3.3.6 includes:

  • New side by side comparison - great for fixing duplicate items

My Stuff Deluxe 3.3.0 includes:

  • Prior versions had a 2 GB (2,000,000,000) file size restriction. This version allows up to 128 GB or about 128 billion bytes in each table. This greatly expands the capacity

My Stuff Deluxe 3.2.2 includes:

  • Unlimited number of databases
  • Full sort on the lookup screen by clicking the column heading
  • Print selected fields from the new print preview function in the lookup screen
  • Proportionally formatted thumbnail graphics

My Stuff Deluxe 3.2.3 includes:

  • Fix currency totals for those using non US currency
  • Ability to turn off the backup nags
  • Fix on some reports for those who have modified the field names