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Contact Manager Software

   Contact Plus Professional
Full featured networked customer relationship and contact manager software in single user or LAN network versions. Includes EMMA, your personal marketing assistant to automatically send letters, emails, and faxes at scheduled intervals. Interoffice communication tools keep everyone in your office up to date. Send email to and receive email from your contact records! Contact Plus is the ONLY customer relationship management software that integrates seamlessly with Corel WordPerfect AND Microsoft Word. Offers the highest level of security -- keep certain databases private and allow viewing of others. Use in conjunction with Smart Merge for outside salespeople away from the office to keep customer information up to date. Now includes the ability to sync with the Palm Pilot, Pocket PC, Handspring and other organizers through the Outlook interface.


Contact Plus Personal
Winner of 2000 SIA People's Choice Award for Best Business Software! Single user version of Contact Plus for those with basic contact management needs without the need to share data with others. Features include user defined fields, mail merge, calendars and more. Integrates seamlessly with Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Word.


Contact Plus Plug In Modules

Smart Merge
Plug in module for Contact Plus Professional for database synchronization. Keep remote users out in the field up to date with what's been happening in the office.


Email Harvester
Plug in module for Contact Plus Professional to help you automatically bring in web response forms (like form email), into a Contact Plus Pro database. Plus you can automatically put the contact on a schedule for followup. You can define any number of followup items in the EMMA feature of Professional. Perfect for following up on web leads!


Calendar Manager Software

Task Plus Professional
Keep everyone in your office on task with the premiere network calendar management program for sharing calendar appointments, to-do's and more with everyone in your office.


Web Cal Plus
Publish your calendar on the internet without the need for a file server or database. Beautiful web calendars include transparent backgrounds, animations, and rich text output. Publish up to 40 events for free on your website. All HTML files are generated and can be uploaded even to AOL accounts.

Software Utilities

More Disk Space
Keep your hard disk clean with More Space. Search for duplicate files, empty your browser cache, and files that consume way too much space plus much more with this handy disk utility. Named to's WinList 100



Personal Interest Software

My Stuff Deluxe
An advanced powerful home inventory manager perfect for keeping track of your valuables. My Stuff Deluxe packs more features than My Stuff. Great for tracking maintenance and repairs on your items.

Time, Money & Activities
A FREE and fun utility that provides interesting statistics on total amount of time spent doing daily activities or money spent over a period of time. If you've ever wondered how much money you've spent on the lottery or how much time you spend watching tv compared to the amount of time you devote to your kids, then this program is for you!

Quick Info
A FREE and handy reference utility to help you quickly find a US telephone area codes and time zones, international direct phone-dialing codes and time zones, and top level Internet domain suffixes. Perfect for finding out what time zone a phone number is located in or in what country that domain name is in ( which you received a spam!

Countdown Clock
This countdown timer utility will countdown hours, minutes and seconds - perfect for timing the pizza in the oven, making sure that your kids spend the correct time playing the video game or making sure that the roast in the oven doesn't burn.

This FREE utility that lets you examine the contents of your hard, removable, and CD-ROM drives. It's easy to use and provides valuable information along with a dazzling animated display. Just start the program and it presents you with an animated 3D display that represents used and free space for each drive plus more.

File and Folder Monitor
FREE and incredibly useful utility helps you to stay abreast of changes that occur in folders on your computer, letting you specify up to 20 directories to monitor, including your network drives. Great for System Administrators!

A fun and useful utility allows you to specify up to 25 events in the past or into future and calculates the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds from the event or to the event. Perfect for telling exactly how many days until your vacation, how many seconds you have been alive, or how many days you've been married!


Music Software for the iPhone/iPod touch

Trumpet Pro
If you play the trumpet check out this new app for your iPhone or iPod touch.  It's a practice app intended to help you with your fingerings, accuracy and ear training.

French Horn Pro
If you play the french horn check out French Horn Pro.  It's designed for french horn players and just like Trumpet Pro will help you with fingerings and accuracy.

Trombone Pro
If you play the trombone check out Trombone Pro.  It's designed for trombone players and just like Trumpet Pro will help you with positions and accuracy.