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Small Countdown Clock for Windows

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Countdown Clock - counting down seconds

This useful utility allows you to count down time with an alarm. It's great when needing a countdown timer to be reminded of a specific event such as checking the roast cooking in the oven, checking the water level when filling your hot tub, or what ever else you can concoct.  Supports up to 720 hours in the countdown.

With Countdown Clock you can:

  • Play any multi-media file including movies, music or sound files when the counter gets to 00:00
  • Launch any program of your liking when the alarm goes off including programs that will shut down your system.
  • The clock can be hidden in the system tray.
  • The clock can be resized to virtually any size on your desktop including FULL SCREEN

This software is absolutely great for churches or places needing to countdown until the service starts.

Note: If you need to countdown multiple events (up to 100 events!) such as anniversary dates, birthdates and don't need an alarm feature, check out our other product called Countdown!.

Version 3.3 works great in Windows Vista, XP, as well as 95/98/ME.

Countdown Timer with opaque background

Countdown timer with transparent background

  • Click here if you need to countdown 100 dates with alarms rather than hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Click here for a PowerPoint Countdown Timer.
  • Click here if you need to countdown a sequence of events one after another
  • Click here if you need an auction countdown clock suitable for Ebay bidding

Instructions for passing command line arguments

Attention programmers! Countdown Clock can be called from another program with up to 6 command-line arguments as shown below. The initial screen will be bypassed and the countdown will start immediately.

countdown HH MM SS Y "Media file" "File To Run"

The first three arguments - HH, MM and SS signify the number of hours, minutes and seconds to start the countdown.

The 4th argument should be a capital Y or capital N signifying the exit style. If the 4th argument is Y then Countdown will exit without displaying the final exit message or playing the media file.

The 5th argument signifies the media file to play when the count gets to 00:00. The media file will only be played if the 4th argument is set to N.

The 6th argument represents an optional file that will be launched when the count gets to 00:00. Note if you don't have a media file but want to launch the optional file you can put in NULL for the 5th argument.

Some examples:

Example Explanation
countdown 1 5 0 1 hour, 5 minutes, 0 seconds - no media file or run file
countdown 0 10 0 Y 10 minute countdown - at 00:00 do not show exit screen, do not play media file or run file
countdown 0 5 0 N "NULL" "abc.xls" 5 minute countdown, at 00:00 - show the exit screen and run the spreadsheet abc.xls. No media file to play as it is set to NULL.
countdown 0 0 45 N "fanfare.wav" 45 second countdown, at 00:00 - play media file fanfare.wav at the exit screen. Note that to play a media file the 4th argument must be set to N