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Help Desk Support

Contact Plus Corporation provides on-going help desk support on-line.  You'll have to register your name and email address but the help desk has a searchable knowledgebase.  Click here to access the on-line help desk.  Note that we don't provide email support due to the unreliability of email delivery and volume of spam.


Users of Contact Plus products may obtain updates on the Update Page. Some of the files on the Updates Page are password protected. To obtain a password you must have the purchased version of the product. You may complete a password request form from the page where you are selecting the update file to download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions may be found on the following documents. Please check here before contacting Technical Support for the quickest answer to your question.

Contacting Voice Technical Support

Types of Technical Support Services

Contact Plus Corporation provides registered users of certain products (*see below) Voice Technical Support for the specified period of time as described on the purchase receipt - generally 30 days.

After the support period expires you may purchase Extended Voice Support on a per-incident basis or yearly basis. Click here if you need to purchase a single support incident.

Voice support is handled by very competent technicians within the United States! We do not outsource our technical support. And since we're able to connect directly to your computer using GotoAssist technology from Citrix Corporation we can solve your problem in minutes (if you have a broadband internet connection).

*Voice Technical Support is available to registered users only for the following products: Contact Plus Personal, Contact Plus Professional, Smart Merge Pro, Contact Plus add-on modules (Report Plus, Label Plus, etc), Task Plus Professional, and Web Cal Basic and Advanced.

Voice support is not provided for free (evaluation) products or utility products including More Space, Task Plus, Countdown products and Spam Buster. Online support is provided for these products only.

Technical Support is offered for current retail versions of products. All earlier versions, discontinued products and tryout (sample or evaluation) versions are not eligible for support.

When calling Technical Support:

  • Have the registered user's name or company name, product name, version number, and serial number (located on Help, About)

  • Be prepared to describe the situation including when the situation occurs. Always? Sometimes? Rarely?

  • Note the exact wording of any error messages related to your problem.

  • Be prepared to recreate the situation, if possible.


How to contact Voice Support Services

When you contact technical support voice services  be prepared to provide the information listed above.

Contact Plus Corporation reserves the right to change this schedule and prices as necessary without notification.

The Technical Support Department can be contacted via one of the methods described below:

Mailing Address Technical Support
E-mail Request
Contact Plus Corporation
PO Box 245
Chapin, SC 29036


Online Support Request


678-805-4470 from 9 am - 4 pm EST

* Contact Plus Corporation reserves the right to change technical support hours and policies at any time without notice