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Contact Plus Professional Updates

Download these files to update a registered version of Contact Plus Professional to version 4.1.3.  Click here to view a description of the latest changes. 

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If you have installed the executable program file (CPPRO.EXE) for Contact Plus Pro on each client workstation, you must run the installation of this update on each computer. Do not mix and match versions of Contact Plus.

Note that the version 4.x patch will add new email fields to your 3.x contact.db table.  If you're on a network with a multi-user version of CPPRO, make sure to get other everyone off Contact Plus before installing.

Note: version 4.x is a paid update. In order to download one of the following conditions must be true: (1) You've purchased the product within 12 months of today's date, or (2) you've purchased the yearly support agreement and are within the expiration date of the support agreement or (3) you've purchased a year of updates and are within the expiration date for updates.

Log into the registered users customer area to obtain the download file.  If you've never registered on the website before you'll be asked for a username and password. 

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The most recent patch contains all prior patches.

Updated Area Code Maps Download this file if you are using Contact Plus Professional 3.6.5 or later. The US Area Code Maps have been updated. It only needs to be installed onto your file server or cppro\data folder.
US Area Code Maps
Download only if updating to version 3.6.5 or later from version 3.5. No password needed.
If you are a registered user of any plug-ins for Contact Plus Professional, you may obtain the latest versions of them by downloading the corresponding demo from the Plug-ins page. Installing the demo will automatically update the plug-in to the current version and it will remain registered.  Contact Plus Pro Plug-ins 

Smart Merge Professional

Download one of the following files for Smart Merge Pro. The full install requires a password for installation. The update does not require a password but DOES REQUIRE you have previously installed Smart Merge.

When re-installing Smart Merge, using the full install file below (1200 k) you will need your 7-digit Smart Merge Installation Password that was issued to you when you purchased it. Note you do not need a password for the patch if Smart Merge is already installed.

This file will update Smart Merge Pro 4.1 for Contact Plus Professional. Requires Contact Plus Pro version 3.6.5 or higher. (No password or auth code is required.)  smpatch40.exe
This file is the full install for Smart Merge Pro 4.1. Password and Auth code required  prosm40.exe

Email Harvester

Download the following file for Email Harvester. This file is password protected, meaning you will not be able to install them unless you have the password. Fill out the Registered Users Password Request Form to obtain the password, or call Customer Service at 678-805-4470.

Important - When re-installing Email Harvester:

You must specify the program folder where the Contact Plus Professional program file (CPPRO.EXE) is located AND

You must specify the location of the Contact Plus Professional DATA folder.

Note if you install into any other place you will not be able to log into Contact Plus Professional.

Before installing to verify the locations of these folders in Contact Plus Professional click on the Help|About menu and then click the System Info button at the bottom of the window. Make note of the Program Path and the Data Path.

This file will update Email Harvester.  harvreg.exe
500 kb