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Free popup area codes and timezone information

Rated4 Starsby ZDNet! For Windows 9.x/ME/2000/NT. This FREE utility gives you the information you need quick an easy! Quick Info is a reference lookup tool for three things: U.S. telephone area codes and time zones, international direct phone-dialing codes and time zones, and Internet domain suffixes. With more than 2000 cities worldwide, 320 area codes, and 250 national Internet suffixes listed, you're sure to find some piece of information that you need to get your hands on quickly. A quick find feature jumps to the proper section of the area code listing as you enter the numbers. Quick Info gives you the following information:

  1. US area codes for all 50 states and territories. This includes a description of the general location of the area code and the time zone of the area code.
  2. A list of approximately 1500 international cities and countries with their local time, country dialing code and city dialing codes.
  3. A list of Internet suffixes, including top-level domain suffixes for countries and the standard .com, .gov, .mil, etc.


  • Download Quick Info v 1.8, 500k EXE file
  • Alternate download site
  • View Area Codes screen
  • View International Timezones and Dialing Codes screen
  • View Internet Top-level Domain lookup