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Comparison between Contact Plus Personal and Professional 


The following features are exclusively available in Contact Plus Professional and are not included in Contact Plus Personal:

 Network Version!
Contact Plus Professional is available as a network product, allowing simultaneous access to databases over your local area network. Everyone's notes, schedules, record changes and more are immediately available with a network version. No more wondering who did what with a customer. Professional is available in several different sizes, one which will undoubtably meet your needs and budget. Simply purchase the number of concurrent users you require. For complete pricing information see the online mall
 Outlook/Palm Pilot/Handspring/Pocket PC Interface!
Contact Plus Professional now interfaces with the contact list and calendar appointments of Microsoft Outlook. This means you can synchronize your contacts and calendars with the Pocket PC, Palm Pilot and Blackberry devices.
 HTML formatted outgoing email!

Contact Plus Professional now can send email in HTML format so you can take advantage of text formatting styles, web page links and graphics when you send your email.

 8 email addresses versus 3  NEW!

Contact Plus Professional stores 8 email addresses per contact versus 3 email addresses in the personal version.

 Electronic Mailing and Marketing Assistant (EMMA)!
Tired of completing mundane tasks like sending email, form letters, and the like? Automate your mailing campaigns, scheduled phone calls, and faxes with EMMA. No matter what form letter or email template you need to send EMMA will handle it for you.  Send e-mail, printed letters, and faxes on different campaigns (ps) based on an anchor date. Set up ps for new prospects, contacts whose policy dates are expiring, customers you haven't contacted in the last 30 days, and more. (Note EMMA generated automated letters must be created using the internal word processor and other letters can still be sent with Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect.)
US Map now with Airports!
The US Map F11 is better than ever! Now you can see maps of the closest airports in the vicinity of a contact. Plus the location of the airport or the contact's location can be marked on the US map and printed.
More Comprehensive Security!
Contact Plus Professional was developed from the start with multi-user functionality built right in. The security features are the most comprehensive of all Contact Plus products. The System Administrator can control user access to an even greater detail than Contact Plus . Keep databases completely private between individuals or groups. If a user does not have access to a database he cannot view anything related to that database. Security levels have been greatly expanded to include permissions levels to complete particular activities. For example, a user may be allowed to complete letters but not able to edit them after sending.
 More User Fields!
Contact Plus Professional includes more user fields! In addition to the biographical information, phone numbers, email and address fields now you can define 16 text, 16 numeric/money, and 16 date fields. Plus, text fields 11 through 16 can record information up to 80 characters in length.

 Chronological Events!

Each contact's Events tab items are sorted with the most recent event at the top of the list. This sort order applies to both the F4 View Events screen and the Events Tab on the main screen.
 Event Filters!
Filter Functions!! In addition to contact filters, now you can create event filters.  Query the database for items such as "which contacts have a meeting scheduled for the March 25" or "which contacts have received letters in the last 60 days".
 Reverse Filters!
Instead of working with a group of contacts that match filter criteria, now you can work with all the contacts that DON'T match a filter.  For example, set a filter for "contacts in category A".  Then choose Activate  Reverse to send an email to every who is not in category A.  Or set a filter for everyone who "has had a phone call within the last week" then activate the reverse filter to call everyone who hasn't been contacted.
 Email Templates!
Send email messages quickly and easily with email templates!  Now your customers can receive personalized email from you just like a mail merge letter.  Type the body of the message using {{mail merge}}codes and each message is personalized for each contact! Use in conjunction with Electronic Marketing and Mailing Assistant for even more automation of your email messages.
 Numeric Quick Data Entry!
All numeric and money fields can be easily entered using a small popup calculator which includes multiplication and division functions.
 Sales Transactions!
Sales are stored as completed events and include a transaction amount, paid date and transaction memo. Sales can be graphed and totaled.
Have customers who are shopping around for the best price and and want a quote? With Contact Plus Professional you'll always know what price you've given when you record a quote for the contact. In addition to date, time, and amount you can also record the probability to close, giving you a sales forecast. With the quote feature you can track pending revenues.
 Attach Files to Notes!
Now attach graphic files (*.bmp,*.gif, etc), sound files (*.wav), spreadsheets, or virtually any other file to contact notes (Notes F7). Any time you want to view a certain file simply click on the link button to view the graphic or hear the sound file.  Perfect for scanned images exported as graphics!
 Active Duplicate Checking!
When adding records you can set Contact Plus Professional to notify you that a duplicate record already exists in the database.  A great time saver not to mention keeping your database free from extra records!

 Quick Data Entry Templates!

If you have lists of contact information on paper to add to a database the Quick Data Entry feature saves you time by allowing you to define only the information that you want to enter and ignore all other fields. For example, if you are are entering name, address, and phone number all you do is define a data entry screen that includes these fields only. Then you can quickly go through your paper based list and enter these three fields and jump to the next one. There's no tedious pressing the Tab or Enter key to move down to the correct field to enter the information.
 Import Vcards!
Vcards are the standard in Personal Data Interchange. Vcards can be thought of as electronic business cards. If you receive email regularly that contains the sender's information in Vcard format (*.VCF), Contact Plus Professional can automatically import this information directly into a contact record thus saving time and avoiding possible data entry errors.
 Automatic Email Retrieval!
If you receive email from contacts now you can automatically retrieve it directly into the contact's history with the Email Retrieval feature. This feature requires that you use a Point office Protocol (POP) mail account to be retrieving the email from. (America Online and Compuserve accounts are proprietary and are not POP accounts.) While designed not to be a replacement for your regular email program, the Email Retrieve feature makes keeping email you send to and receive from contacts together in the contact's history, giving you a more complete picture of contact activity.
 Recurring Conflict checking!
When scheduling recurring events such as lunch at 12:00 every other Thursday Contact Plus Professional alerts you for schedule conflicts.
  Last Modified Records!  
In the course of your hectic day have you ever forgotten what contact you were working on last? Contact Plus Professional tells you quickly and easily by displaying a history of the last records that were modified by a certain User ID in the recent past. Great for jogging your memory when you need it!
 Enhanced reminder/scheduler!
While viewing a particular event for a contact you are now able to view other events. There is a browse screen that enables you to scroll from event to event within a contact. Additionally, statistics and chart capabilities have been added to the reminder/scheduler screen.
 Enhanced Search Functions!
Now searching for text in a contact record is more powerful. Search for items using a 'sounds-like' criteria. For example, if your searching for a company name like Teethful and Thompson and using the sounds-like search will locate close matches. Plus search results are saved between queries making it very handy to search the database once and move back and forth between the query and the main screen.
 Quick E-mail and Phone Number Search!
Have an email address or phone number but don't know who it belongs to? With the quick e-mail and phone number search you can quickly display the contact you're looking for. No more tedious searching e-mail addresses or phone numbers.
Work with certain contacts regularly and want to switch between these records quickly without using an index field like last name? With the Bookmark feature set a bookmark for each contact (up to 9). Then quickly switch between the contacts using Alt-1, Alt-2, or the pull down menu. As an added bonus the quick bookmark even displays contacts quickly in different databases!
 Marked Record Navigator!
If you have a marked contact, quickly move to the next marked record without specifying a filter by .
 Single Mailing Label Printing!
Contact Plus Professional seamlessly prints one label for one contact using the Dymo Labelwriter. Perfect for large envelopes and packages, the Dymo Labelwriter printers make generating individual labels quick and easy. Using the thermal Labelwriter keeps you from wasting an entire page of laser labels! The Co-Star Labelwriter is available from catalogs and office supply stores or from the web site at
 Date Search!
Now you can quickly search on not only the regular 16 date fields but also on the contact's last changed date, added date, incoming call date, attempted call date, meeting date, last letter date, email sent date, email received date, sale date, quote date, and more. You can search for bk dates and dates by month and day only.
 Holiday Scheduling!
Avoid scheduling appointments company holidays with individual or company holiday scheduling feature. Holidays are tracked on the company (global) calendar. This makes it easy to make sure you're not scheduling items for days when your office is closed or you're away from the office on vacation.
 Launch Pad!
Launch external programs such as a spreadsheet program and pass command line parameters (contact record number or company name) to an external program. External programs that accept command line parameters will allow you to create files in the external program based upon contact information.
 Interoffice Mail!
Send interoffice mail to to other users on the network without the Internet! Plus attach contact records to the internal e-mail. Messages can be public or private where only the sender and recipient have access to the message.
 Broadcast Messages!
Send urgent immediate messages to other users logged in to Contact Plus Professional. For example, if you need to have everyone appear in the conference room right away just send a Broadcast message. Plus the broadcast messages can play any sound to alert the user. Several sound files are included with Contact Plus Professional or you can use any *.wav file on the network.
 Resource Management!
If you have common equipment used in your organization that needs to be checked out you can use the equipment reservation module to keep track of the item and when it is being used. Perfect for avoiding conference room scheduling conflicts or other shared resources.
 In/Out Board!
Want a quick way to find out who is in or out of the office? Simply check the in/out board to find out. Each user can check in or check out of the office and keep everyone updated on their whereabouts.
 Force Off!
The Force Off feature is for the System Administrator to use for system maintenance, backing up, and other times when no one should be logging into Contact Plus. Each user currently on will get a warning message and alarm that they need to log out of the program. If the user does not log out he will be forced off. New users will not be able to log in to Contact Plus until the System Administrator gives the OK.
 Filter Circles
With the new Filter Circles function in Contact Plus Professional you can better analyze the relationships between your contacts and filters in a visual way. Three separate circles are used to graphically represent membership in a filter. Click here to learn more.
 While You Were Out Messages!
While You Were Gone (WYWG) messages keep track of incoming phone call messages. Automatically tie into the contact database so if a message comes in from a known user you can quickly look up that user and insert their name into the WYWG message without retyping.
 Available Add On Modules!
Contact Plus Professional can connect with two new add on modules - Email Harvester which will allow you to bring into a Contact Plus Professional database responses from web forms automatically and Smart Merge, the data sychronization tool for using Contact Plus Professional on non-networked (laptop) computers!
 Create invoices through a partnership with FF Inventory Pro!
Contact Plus Professional and FF Inventory Pro by M&R Technologies allow you to easily create invoices and track payments while retaining a history of the transaction! With the integration of these two powerful products your business will function smoother than ever before and give you more time make more sales!