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Web Page Calendar Software

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Free website calendar creator - publish up to 200 events of your website calendar on the internet or your intranet for free! 


Latest version - interfaces with Google maps - embed a map into your event information.   Allows web users to submit new events to your calendar from your website.  

More Sample Web Calendars

   View samples: Sample Standard Web Calendar
Sample Hebrew Web Calendar
Sample Islamic Web Calendar
Sample Web Event Submission
Sample Category Filter Web Calendar

Web Calendar Plus tutorial movies.  Click on the links below to view movies on how to operate web calendar software - Web Cal Plus.

Main Overview (7 min) Click Here
Features in latest version (11 min) Click Here
more instructional movies  ... Click Here

Are you in charge of the calendar for your organization? Do you need to publish your personal web calendar on the internet for others to view? If so and you need a flexible and powerful way to publish monthly web calendars on the internet or your intranet then this web calendar creator software is your answer!

Web calendar creator software is your pure HTML solution to implementing a website calendar. There's no need for fancy SQL databases, Cold Fusion or PHP software (unless you need to use web events). This means that your website calendar is unhackable and it also means that your calendar is lightning fast. There's no database engine or server software to bog down or hack into ... your internet schedule is safe and secure. All of the HTML files are generated statically and uploaded to your server for viewing. Just check out the sample web calendars above to get an idea of how versatile the web calendars look.

The free (unregistered) evaluation version of Web Calendar Plus is not time limited and does not expire. The evaluation version of Web Calendar Plus is limited to 200 events and the web calendars generated are branded with the Contact Plus Corporation web site. There are three registered versions of Web Calendar Plus: Basic, Advanced and Enterprise.

Number of events:
FTP Transfer Client Included?
Multiple remote users for data entry?
Yes - the Advanced version can be installed on multiple computers and the events can be sent to the main web calendar publisher via email. Share web calendars with other users. Simply email the transfer files back and forth. Use the built-in duplicate checking ability to reduce dups. Should NOT be installed on a local area network LAN .
Same as the Advanced version except that if installed on a LAN, all of the settings are shared between users which eliminates the need to send data back and forth via email between users who edit the calendars on your LAN.
Install onto a local area network for simultaneous data entry and data sharing?
No - the calendar settings are all stored in the local windows registry on each machine thus there is confusion if attempting to share the calendars on a LAN (Local Area Network)

Yes - the enterprise version can be installed onto a shared folder on your file server and shortcuts pointing to the shared folder can be used by unlimited users. All of the settings are thus shared between each user and care is taken to lock event records for simultaneous editing.

Customize HTML templates?

Yes - needed if you want the  web calendar to appear in a custom frame or with screen borders of your own choosing. Requires a knowledge of HTML.

See the DEFAULTS folder under the Web Calendar Plus folder.  There are .TXT files that are used as templates.

Yes - same as the Advanced version.
Multiple web calendars?
Yes - unlimited number of web calendars  - with the limit of 400 events per web calendar.
Yes - Unlimited number of web calendars and unlimited number of events per web calendar
Yes - Unlimited number of web calendars and unlimited number of events per web calendar
Modify "Licensed To" tag?  Licensed to you or your company - license name will appear on generated html pages.

Web Calendar Plus comes with a large assortment of free buttons and backgrounds to make your web calendar come alive. You can select from a variety of pre-defined options or include your own company logo and information at the top of each web calendar page.

The web calendar creator software interfaces with Google Maps which is great for embedding an interactive map into your calendar events. For more information on this new feature see the video tutorial

Additionally there are nice holiday graphic images that are now imbedded into the one month calendar. This optional feature enables your users to quickly see what holidays are on your calendar.

Cascading style sheets are used with the web calendar creator software.

Latest Version includes:

  • Interfaces with Google Maps - for embedding a map into your calendar events. 
  • Use IFRAME to embed the calendar within your website.
  • Includes holiday graphic images imbedded in the one month calendar
  • Better support now for Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Includes the Havdalah time calculated on Saturday for the Jewish calendar.
  • Supports Opening and Closing hours.
  • Put your organization hours directly on the calendar - sensitive to date ranges. Tweak the look of your calendars now.
  • The sizes have been cut down in 1/2 so your calendars are now quicker to upload and faster for viewing.
  • You can hide mailto email addresses so that they are invisible to spamming robots. Cloak mailto email addresses on your website outside of the calendar pages. The email address of the contact person will also be cloaked.
  • Supports the submission of new events over the web!
  • Now manage unlimited multiple web calendars
  • Now you can insert the sunrise and sunset times for your local area
  • Now supports the Shabbat candle lighting times - great for synagogues
  • Now your calendar users can import your calendar event directly into Outlook! They don't have to retype the event!
  • Now can optionally display the Islamic web calendar with Islamic month names
  • Can now partition the calendar up by categories enabling your end user to filter by particular categories
  • Now can optionally display the Jewish web calendar with Hebrew month names (Tishri, Kislev, Tevet)
  • Now displays the lunar calendar with up to 8 phases of the moon in 4 different sizes
  • New 12-month scroll view - view all events on the 12-month calendars page
  • Hot buttons - move the mouse over a button and the button image can change ( see the sample calendar)
  • Much easier selection of month graphics in the program
  • Small animated icons next to each monthly calendar event
  • Import the calendar from Microsoft Outlook
  • Week numbers can be generated now on the 12-month and 1-month calendar
  • From the monthly calendar you can bypass the daily calendar and link directly to your own pages
  • Websites can be hosted on Tripod, AOL or any other website since there is no need for a server database


An event is anything that appears on the calendar with a title, shortname, date/time, description, possible graphic image, etc. The same event may appear on the monthly, scrolling and 12-month calendars but will still count as a single event. If the event is repeated - such as once a month for a year then each occurrence will count as a separate event and the total event count will thus be 12. The total number of events in your calendar is displayed when clicking the BROWSE button on the main screen.

To get around the event limits you can either purchase Web Calendar Plus Advanced or Enterprise which do not have an event limitation or you need to delete old events to stay under the 400 event limitation. The Holidays and Open/Closing hours which appear on the monthly calendar do not count towards the event limit.

System Requirements:

  • Pentium class CPU Windows 2000/XP/Vista 128 MB RAM No need for CGI scripting or server database No need for Cold Fusion, MySQL, PHP or other server software (PHP needed for web event submission only)
  • 30 Mb Available hard drive space

More information: