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Web Calendar Plus Testimonials

Thanks for a great product. I had software up and running in no time and it only took me a couple of hours to get the calendar configured and events entered then uploaded to the web!! Having the sunrise and sunset times as well as the lunar feature were key to my calendar! The software is intuitive and easy to use, thanks again for a great product, KUDOS!!!! - Mark at
Four years and 3 calendar programs later, you couldn't pay me to use anything but WebCal+ to publish a calendar on the web. Since Feb/2004, the calendar for TC Dance Club International -- Kansas City ( ) has grown better with each version release...And it was fantastic from the first day the WebCal+ generated the monthly and daily calendars for the site. - Madeline Eastburn
I have recommended Contact Plus, Web Calendar Software to several of my customers. Both my customers and my self find this to be a great and useful product. Thank you Contact Plus!
We checked several options for web calendars and Webcal was the best for our synagogue because it includes easy tools for inputting lunar dates, sunset times and Jewish holiday. - John Davis
I've been very please with the ease of posting new events to our website calendar with the WebCal software. I just follow the steps and it works every time. - Cathy Washburn Full Moon Books, Coffees, and Events
Web Cal plus has proven to be a good addition to our web site. We provide Defensive Driving Class in Texas and have a large number of locations. The Web Calendar Plus allow us to publish all of our classes for each site for the whole year. This makes it simple for our customers to locate a date,time and location that is best for them.
Our Youth Football League needed a way to keep everyone informed of meetings and events. We decided to put a calendar up on our web site. After reviewing several more expensive and less functional products we decided on WebCal Plus. It has been great for us, easy to update and modify and very quick running. After setting up the web site a couple people from within the league inquired about and purchased their own copy. Ray - Webmaster with Madorick enterprises -
The Web Cal Plus calendar software was easy for us to setup and our clients find it easy to navigate. The calendar is quick and easy to update (we purchased the advanced version that allows updates without going into FrontPage) which is wonderful because we update the info contained on the calendars often. I highly recommend Web Cal Plus! Mark W. Sims
Web Cal is great! Easy to use - great features - does what you want it to! Karl
The Texas Offshore Performance Powerboat Squadron (TOPPS) has been looking for a web based calendar to maintain our events on our website. When we found WebCal it was the best thing since sliced bread. Our members love it and it is easy to maintain.
Web Cal Plus is definitely the easiest way to implement a calendar on your website. I like the fact that there are no fancy scripts or plugins needed to run the calendar. Just good 'ol, friendly HTML presented in a very attractive way coupled with high end, flexible functionality. In actuality, the way it looks is only limited by one's imagination. One of my favorite features is the "Import as .vcf" feature. My visitors LOVE it. I'd highly recommend Web Cal Plus to anyone looking for an affordable way to look like they spent much more for a calendar, and that looks and works as well as it does. Sincerely, Felix M. Jacomino, Webmaster - www.stepsmia. org
On our church web site, the WebCal Plus calendar is our highest used option on our site. Mike -
It's easy to use and we use it daily. Ed & Martine
As web master for Adat Shalom LA synagogue, I selected WebCal+ for the calendar.  After much reluctance, the synagogue staff learned how to use it, and now they would never go back to the old way.   - Michael Ernstoff