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Free web calendar software 

How does this work? Well the trial version of Web Calendar Plus enables you to create a free web calendar on your webpage with up to 200 events on a calendar.  Additionally on the free web calendar, you can create an unlimited number of calendar databases for different websites.   For example, you could have 200 events in a personal calendar, then another 200 events in a calendar used by your church, and yet another 200 events in your bowling league calendar.  Once you reach the 200 event limit in any particular calendar you can use the Mass Copy/Delete function which will enable you to quickly delete older events.  If you need more than 200 events on the free web calendar you can purchase the Basic version.

Click the following button to get started with the free web calendar:

What's the catch?  First of all we believe you should be able to really give the software a try before actually purchasing and the only way to do this is to actually enable you to type in a reasonable number of events into your free web calendar website software.  The second thing is the website will be tagged - that is you will not be able to change the "licensed to" tag at the bottom of the screen.  If you purchase the free web calendar software then the license tag will be changed so that is will be licensed to you.