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Web Calendar Event Submission  Overview

A web event is one that is added and submitted over the internet. Rather than installing a copy of Web Calendar Plus on each of your submitter's machines, you can simply direct them to the website with a password and have the users submit events remotely.  View a web calendar event submission video tutorial on the subject

Once you enable web events your monthly calendar will have a series of + links to add a new event on that date as the following screen shows:

Event submission can be password protected so only selected users can add new events.


Once the user gets past the password screen he will be presented with a data capture form enabling him to add the new event. The colors on the capture form can be changed to suit your website needs.


Use the MAPI interface to connect to Outlook and retrieve your messages which can then be imported into your Web Calendar Plus calendar or you can retrieve the messages directly from your POP server.