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Embed your Web Calendar on your website using inline frames - IFRAME

See the short 4 minute video tutorial for more information on how this works.

Normally within your HTML Body we recommend that you create a link to your website using an <a href... function in code such as:

<a href="">Calendar Link</a>

which will look on your website like a link and when your user clicks on the link the calendar will be displayed HOWEVER the displayed calendar will take up the ENTIRE screen per the link below.

Calendar Link - takes up the entire screen when clicked

If instead you want your calendar to be a part of your website so it looks like it's "inside" of your web pages you need to use an IFRAME construct within a page on your website where you wish to include the calendar.  You may have to create a new placeholder calendar webpage that looks like the other pages on your website with site navigation, menus, etc.  The new placeholder calendar webpage will have the Iframe code placed inside of it.  The name of the placeholder page should NOT be called "webcal.html" as that file is generated by Web Cal Plus and is overwritten each time you generate a new calendar.  Your new placeholder page, let's call it "calendar.html" will include in the HTML Body code like so:



<IFRAME SRC="webcal.html" WIDTH=800 HEIGHT=600></IFRAME>


In the example below I placed a <p align="center"> followed by the Iframe code like so it looks like the following:

<p align="center"><IFRAME SRC="webcal.html" WIDTH=800 HEIGHT=600></IFRAME></p>

There are other IFRAME options available other than just the Width and Height settings.  Google "IFRAME" for more info on how to use it.  So rather than pointing to our calendar which may appear on another page - we can include the calendar on THIS page as an embedded calendar like so...