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Home Inventory Software for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7


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This Home Inventory Software product entitled My Stuff Deluxe is the world's best home inventory software package available today. 

  • unlimited number of images per item (up to 128 GB (128 billion bytes!) of data)
  • full detail of maintenance and repair records per item including the ability to store the scanned image of the repair receipt
  • detail of documents and receipts related to the item.
  • multiple databases for multiple locations or households

Video Tutorials

My Stuff Deluxe video presentation (5 minutes)

New features in version 3.1 (9 minutes)

Multiple databases - in version 3.2 (8 minutes)

Adding Images/Pictures to the database (8 minutes)

Adding PDF documents to the inventory database (4 minutes)

Split screen comparison between two items (4 minutes) New in 3.3.6


Note to existing My Stuff users: You can download and install My Stuff Deluxe without affecting your My Stuff database at all. In fact you can have both programs on your system at the same time. My Stuff Deluxe can easily convert your My Stuff information so you better evaluate the new functions available in My Stuff Deluxe. The conversion procedure will not affect your My Stuff data.


My Stuff Home Inventory Screen shot 



My Stuff Deluxe features include:

  • Import inventory items from DBF, CSV or Excel formats
  • Categorize items for quick lookups (i.e. electronics vs. collectibles)
  • Add unlimited number of pictures from your digital camera or scanner for each item
  • Support for multiple databases - information for different households easy to track
  • Keep detailed notes about each item
  • Mark items for quick printing
  • Create filters for grouping of like items (i.e. everything under $ 300, etc.)
  • Print flexible and customizable reports
  • Export data to comma delimited format for use in other applications i.e Microsoft Excel
  • Use quick-pick fields for fast data entry
  • Calculate depreciation using three different methods
  • Specify appraisal information for collectibles
  • Password-protection for sensitive data
  • Ability to quickly back up your data for important safekeeping
  • Track repairs and maintenance for each item.
  • Track your receipts and documents associated with each item.
  • Spell checking available
  • Can now import directly from Know Your Stuff version 3.08
  • Now includes an optional REPORT DESIGNER system

Click the following link for a listing of changes to the home inventory software.

This advanced home inventory management software package is provided as a time-limited evaluation only. It will operate 30 times and can import your data from My Stuff and other programs.

Download Evaluation

 Download Evaluation Version My Stuff Deluxe 6.4 MB installation exe file 

Registered users of My Stuff Deluxe do not download the evaluation version. Instead click the My Stuff Deluxe updates link.