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Why use a home inventory desktop database?



There are competing home inventory solutions available on the internet. One of the main competing solutions uses an "on-line" internet system. This system uses Google and Amazon to store your data whereby you sign up and then painfully add your items into. Unfortunately this can be a very slow process especially if you wish to input pictures and scanned receipts and documents. Even on a high speed internet connection it can take about 5-10 minutes per item. If you don't believe me, try it out. Sign up for a free account and insert a single item with a picture. See how long it takes.

Also your personal data is stored on a 3rd party machine on their database system. Do you actually trust that your data is safe and secure? How about hacking? Is your home inventory data safe and secure from hackers? I'm sure there are many criminal elements who would love to know exactly what you own, where it's located and its value.

Benefit/Drawback Home Inventory Software system Online software competitor 
Can hackers see your private data? Absolutely NOT - Our system is totally hack-proof because the data is NOT on the internet. The data is stored on your machine where you have full and complete control. Yes - since your data is on the internet and stored on 3rd party computers managed by strangers you are vulnerable to data compromise by hackers and rogue employees. No system on the internet is fool proof. Unfortunately, banks, the government and even the US Military get regularly hacked
How about backups? Your backup can be emailed to a relative. We do recommend that you use a USB jump drive or external device away from your home to store a copy of your backup files. Backup files can be named uniquely so you can go back in time to multiple dates if you wish. Hopefully your data is getting backed up. You have no control over this and the service is not guaranteed. Forget about going to a prior data backup if you make a mistake and accidentally delete data.
Access speed Our system is lightening fast and can store up to 132 Gigabytes of data including pictures and documents. Try uploading a picture - it takes forever!
What if the internet goes down? Who cares? You can still get to your data since it doesn't rely on the internet. Sorry but no internet - no data.
What if the company goes out of business? Who cares? The program will continue to work even if the company goes out of business. However, Contact Plus Corporation has been in business since 1987 and is very healthy. Sorry but you're out of luck - no company - no data.
It's nice to access my data from any computer in the world. Your license allows you to install onto multiple computers you own - so go ahead and install on your laptop and take the data with you. However, who really needs to access their inventory data from any computer in the world? Yes this is a nice feature - but how often do you actually need to do this for home inventory? Also, if you're running from an public Wifi access point such as a Starbucks, your password and information can be easily compromised by someone else on the Wifi network.
Can I have custom fields? Yes - most field names can be changed. No
Can I have custom reports? Yes, you can have an unlimited number of custom reports if you purchase the $20 add-on. The built-in reports are very good No - reporting is very limited
Can I store repair and maintenance records? Yes - each item in your inventory can have optional repair and maintenance records. No.
Can I create PDF reports Yes No
Can I export my data? Yes of course - it's your data. No
 How much does it cost? It's $39.99 and is a one-time cost - you own the software license to this excellent software product. Free (for now) - but you have to put up with advertising and a crippled product.