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Contact Management Tools

  • Easy Tracking of Contact Information
  • Powerful Reporting Capabilities
  • Easy to use Contact Manager

Along with your contact plus professional product come various contact management tools which will help you stay in contact with your leads and customers.  Emma - the electronic mailing and marketing assistant, is one such contact management tool that will enable you to automatically schedule meetings, calls, and appointments with your contacts.  Mapping tools will also enable you to

Automated Follow up Software
Most businesses use some type of contact management tools in their marketing arsenal for increasing sales to their existing customers.  Contact Plus Professional gives you the ability to automatically follow up with an email message, label, letter, postcard, phone call.

Trickle marketing messages



keeping track of their customer information. Many are very simple systems that track basic contact information such as customer name, address, phone number, and email address. Those systems may be a card file or Rolodex, some sort of database or spreadsheet program, or software specifically designed for managing contact information. In a competitive business environment it is important to have a Client Management Software system that not only organizes the information for the contacts you work with, but also for the companies. Your Client Management Software must permit you to easily review the contact information for the people and companies you work with as well as giving you access to a history of the communication, events, and actions related to them.

Evolution of the Client Management Software
The first Client Management Software programs were simple paper files with the contact data (name, address, and phone number) of the people you worked with. Many business people kept this information in card files or address books. With the development of day planners and date books many business people found an easy way to keep all their customer information in one place, with a spot for short notes and a calendar close at hand. However, their Client Management Software was still on paper making it cumbersome to update and difficult to share information with colleagues. As computers and software took over the business world, they took over Contact Management. You could now keep your contact data in a spreadsheet or database.

This made updating the information a bit easier, but could still be cumbersome to use and often took more than basic knowledge of the software program. With software programs designed for Contact Management, the business professional finally got a tool allowing them to easily organize contact data in one location, make it simple to update and record information not previously available (email and website addresses). The preeminent Client Management Software in this arena being Microsoft Outlook, allowing easy collection of contact data with access to your email, calendar, and daily task lists.

Reviewing Client Management History
Reviewing the history of communication you have had with your clients is a vital component of Client Management Software, and should be a simple process. When working in a Client Management Program, you want to be able to see all the activities related to a specific person or a company. The CPPRO Contact Manager allows you to select a specific contact or company and see all the related emails, appointments, tasks and even sales opportunities. The Contact Manager presents you with tabbed sections that allow you to easily switch between viewing emails, appointments, tasks and attachments for a specific contact or company.

If you are looking for an email from one of your clients just click their name in the Contact Manager window, then select the "Emails" tab. You can now find that email from any folder in your Outlook, and with a simple click open it to review the specifics. That message is opened directly from your Outlook. This can be a vital function of Client Management Software in providing a consistent and reliable history of your relationship and communication with a client.

Choosing Client Management Software
Client Management Software will provide your business with the ability to track the contact information for both the people and the companies you work with, it will create relationships between the two, and will provide you with a way to see a comprehensive history of activities in an easy to navigate interface. CPPRO creates all this for you inside a system you are already using, Microsoft Outlook. You can continue to work in Outlook as you always have, and utilize CPPRO's advanced Client Management features to keep tabs on every communication and activity you have for a specific client. This can be an important advantage if your company is already using Outlook, as it dramatically shortens the time it takes for users to become familiar with the new Contact Management features. CPPRO's integration with Outlook also eliminates the problem of having customer data in two places. With CPPRO your contact data is on only one place... Outlook.