Contact Plus Software

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Contact Management on Networks 

Contact Plus Professional was designed from the ground up to support small office networks.  If you need to share your contact information between two or more users in your local office you'll see how easy and powerful Contact Plus runs on your network.

Contact Plus Professional allows your office staff to share contact information, appointments, notes, documents, email and more without requiring you to install special server software.  Each user will log into Contact Plus Professional with their own user initials and will be able to schedule appointments for other users and themselves.

Contact Plus Professional includes extensive security capabilities so you can protect your data or portions of your data from unauthorized access.   Users can have read-only access privileges as well as have deletion privileges denied.

The following handy inter-office  functions are all built-in to Contact Plus Professional (no extra charge) and include:

  • While you were Out messages
  • In/Out Bulletin Board
  • Who's Currently On the system
  • Instant and Broadcast messaging to other users
  • Conference room and equipment check out

There are no special server requirements unless you have more than 10 users on Contact Plus at the same time.  All you need is to store your data on a shared folder or drive on any workstation that has Windows XP Professional installed and you'll have simultaneous access to your data.

For a detailed video tutorial on the networking capabilities of Contact Plus Professional click here.