Task Plus: Date Oriented Tasks

Many tasks are date oriented, meaning the task must be completed by a certain date. For example, a date oriented task is a dentist appointment.

In the calendar shown right, colors are used to specify different types of tasks. Holidays are highlighted in navy, completed tasks are highlighted in red, and undone tasks are highlighted in yellow.

One quick gce at the quarterly calendar, and you can easily see what tasks are scheduled for certain days.

Date Oriented Task
Date Oriented Task

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Category Selection

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Each task can be assigned a category such as personal, recreational, or medical. This way each task is organized and can be used to filter out some categories when wanting to view one specific group of tasks.

Task Plus includes a handy alarm feature giving you that extra minute to get things together for a meeting or make that important phone call.

When a task is scheduled with an alarm you can set an alarm to pop up before a task needs to be completed. A screen pops up to remind you of your upcoming and task and you can even have a sound programmed to play! Each task can have an alarm scheduled at a different lead time.

Setting the Alarm
Setting the Alarm

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Rescheduling Task
Reschedule a Task

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As your day progresses you may need to reschedule your tasks.

With Task Plus simply select the task, click on the edit button and reschedule it for another time, date, or place.

Task Plus makes it easy to see which tasks are completed with the "strike out" option. Upon completion of a task simply click on the check mark. Text for the task has a line through it making it easy to see what's done and what's left to do that day.

Strike Out
Strike out of text

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Viewing Completed Task
Viewing Completed Task List

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For a full review of completed tasks, a "View Completed Tasks" option shows in chronological order which tasks are completed and at what time the completion took place. Easy and simple for a paper trail without having to rifle through paper.





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