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Contact Plus Professional Overview:
Data Entry and Events, EMMA

Contact Plus Professional is the latest in a long line of award winning productivity software to organize your business. It can organize your contacts to manage your sales and contact management needs.

With Contact Plus Professional, you can store customers in one database and prospects in another. You can define custom data fields that can contain a variety of useful information. You can track events on your contacts and keep up-to-date historical notes about conversations and meetings you had with your clients.

Contact Plus Pro main screen
Contact Plus Pro main screen

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Browse and edit events
Record quotes and other events easily

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Detailed information about calls made, letters sent, notes taken are instantly available. Browse and edit them easily in a variety of screens, like this one displayed at the left. When used in a multi-user format, the User ID of who completed it gives you a reference for which of your coworkers met with this client or wrote him a letter.

The image to the left depicts Quotes, one of the two new event types in Contact Plus Pro. With a Quote, you can estimate anticipated close data on an upcoming sale on one of your contacts. You can even estimate a percentage on how likely you think this customer will close this sale. Quotes are uncompleted sales. The second new event type, Sales, are transactions or completed quotes.

Need a quick look at your daily calendar? Contact Plus Professional displays color-coded events in easy-to-use formats, viewable by day, week, month or multiple months. Calendar views are easily printed for a handy paper reference.

With the convenient drag & drop feature, you can easily reschedule events by dragging them to a different date or time.

Day view calendar
View events in easy-to-use calendars

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View events screen
The main view events screen

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The view events screen is the most powerful way to view all your events, past or future, done or not done. It quickly lets you select events based on event type, date, status or user ID, with an easy-to-use interface.

Using the tabs across the top of the screen you can select which event type you wish to view, and a popup menu from the right mouse button offers more options. At the bottom of the screen, you can select from done or not done events, choose a user ID, date range, or activate a filter.

The Electronic Marketing and Mailing Assistant, or EMMA, is used to easily schedule a series of events on one or more contacts, anchored to a certain date. Suppose your normal schedule is to place two calls, a letter a few days later and then an email. To assign the plan, pick a date to assign the plan, and EMMA assigns that plan to filtered contacts. As the date approaches, you could easily execute the series of planned events in one fell swoop.

In the example at right, the plna is to print a merged letter and label one day from the "anchor date", followed by an email one week later. Ten days from the anchor date, a phone call is scheduled, and still later a fax is sent. In each case, weekends push the events forward to a Monday, except in the case of the fax.

The easy-to-use p definition screen
Planning a series of events with EMMA

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Performing your scheduled ps is easy
The EMMA Perform Plans screen

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After scheduling your plans, use the Perform screen to actually execute the steps. It lets you select a date range and lists the steps upcoming within those dates. You can easily perform the types of events scheduled, like send a group of emails all at once or print 15 mailing labels.