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Contact Plus Professional Overview:
Users, Security and Permissions

All permissions are specified in the Make User program. Each user in Contact Plus Pro is assigned a unique, 3-letter UserID, and a password. The number of UserIDs permitted in Contact Plus Pro is dependent on the user license purchased.

The Supervisor status is a special master status that overrides all other permission settings. If a user has Supervisor status then he/she can access any data or feature in Contact Plus Professional.

The Make User program for maintaining permissions for users
Adding and deleting users is a breeze

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Easily control what users can do
The global permissions screen for the whole system

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System Administrators will love Contact Plus Professional's ability to control exactly what function each individual user is permitted to do, at a global or per-database level.

You now have precise control over what data users can see, what functions they have access to, denying access to abilities that could damage the integrity of your data.

Users can be restricted from certain actions or data on a per-database basis in Contact Plus Professional. Settings can also be copied from one user to another, letting the System Administrator create a class of users.

By giving a user the absolute minimum settings, a user could be restricted from any kinds of data changes, allowing view abilities only.

Control the permissions on each user
The user actions permissions screen

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Use Make User to create private databases
Restrict permissions for private data

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Users who want to keep a personal database or wish to keep private client data away from competing coworkers can do this by eliminating access to certain databases.

A user who is restricted in this manner will not even see the database name in the Open Database screen.

If a user is blocked from a feature they will be presented with the simple window at right when they attempt to use the prohibited feature.

Permissions denied
The permissions denied screen

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